Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yesterday Nathan and Chris were working cows for Dr. Easterling. They left one place to go to another and they loaded their horses and dogs onto Chris's trailer. Nathan hopped in the truck with Mac, while Chris had Lane with him. Nathan and Mac were ahead of Chris and Lane when Chris called to tell them to come back and help them because the trailer was on top of the truck. When they went back, they saw an awful sight. To avoid hitting an 18 wheeler head on, Chris had taken the truck and trailer into the ditch. The trailer came unhitched. The truck flipped over and was upside down, with the trailer on top of the truck, rightside up. Chris and Lane are fine, luckily. It through one dog completely out of the trailer, but all of the dogs ended up being fine. The horses are somewhat scratched and cut and very sore, but they are okay as well. God must have been watching them, because yesterday afternoon when I saw the truck, it looked as if no one could have come out of the wreck alive. Thank God all involved are alright.

Spring Break

Above- Josey loves to pet Mabel. Below is a picture I took of her before we went out to eat.
Josey loves for me to hold her up high like this. She grins and laughs.

Well, spring break came and went all too fast. We went to the Fair a few times. Several of my students did very well with their projects, so they were pleased. I took Josey to the freezer sale and she slept right through it, despite the fact that it was very loud. I really enjoyed getting to spend nine whole entire days with Josey, without having to leave her at all. I hate that I can't stay home with her all the time. If only I could win the lottery. Yesterday when I took her to stay at Mom's so I could go to work, there were real tears. MINE, not hers. She is reaching so many new milestones. She can roll over from back to front now. She has also started reaching for people, which is so cute. Actually, to date she has only reached for me, Mom, and Nathan. She reaches up now when you get her out of her car seat. It is adorable.

Leigh Ann's baby shower

On the 21st, we had a baby shower at the Howard House for Leigh Ann. Rustyn Lee is due to arrive in May. We all really enjoyed getting to see each other.

Above is Josey touching baby Rustyn. This probably won't be the first time she is trying to bother him.

Above- Here is a close up of what Josey wore. I love this new little outfit.

Here are my childhood friends. From left to right- Me and Josey, Mindy with Jackson, Abra, Leigh Ann, Sarah, and Karen and a sleeping baby Zoe. We love to hang out, but it seems like the only time we ever get together is when one of us has a baby.

Above- Here is the very pregnant Leigh Ann Fuchs. She looks great!

Above- Here is Josey with Mom. I love this closeup picture.

Here are Josey, me, Karen, and Zoe. Zoe was sheduled to arrive 3 weeks after Josey, but she made her appearance exactly one week before Josey was born. We hope they'll be great friends like we are.

Here are Josey and Zoe getting a closeup look at each other. Zoe was wanting to pull Josey's headband off, I think.

A Photo Session

Here are a few cute new pics I took of Josey.
I love this new flower! Here are Josey and her daddy looking at each other. Too cute. This is a pic of Josey in her jacket. I love the little ears on the hood. This one is just me playing around with Josey and one of her many bows.
This is Josey in her cow leggings. It took forever to get a pic of her on her stomach because she kept rolling over!

Donna got her this outfit and we love it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The pig

I posted a while back about my cousin and her pet wild hog. Here is a new picture of Riley, Monica (the pig), and Lindy.
Friday afternoon Nathan, Josey, and I went to College Station to get Jackson (Mindy's little boy) a birthday present and get groceries. I could spend all sorts of money on baby stuff in Target.
Saturday Nathan went to help Clay put in the water line at his new house and Josey and I laid around the house until the afternoon. That afternoon we went to a shower. Josey was very good and only cried once for just a minute when she pulled her pacifier out of her mouth and thought that her great-aunt Nana did it. That evening Mom had a prolapsed cow, so Jimmy came and sewed her up. Now she has to sell, which really sucks. I bought her when I was in high school at the fair and she has been a good cow. That night, Josey, Nathan, Nick, and I went to eat Mexican food in Madisonville. We have really been liking Los Panchitos, but this time our food was not hot at all, so I don't think we'll go back there soon.

Sunday we went to a birthday party for Jackson. He is one year old! This was the first birthday party that Josey had been invited to. It was fun seeing everyone. Josey didn't cry once!

Now it's back to work for the week and THEN next week is spring break! Yah!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Josey rolled over!

Day before yesterday Mom kept Josey because Rachael had a doctor's apt. Mom had rolling over tutorials all day with Josey. When I got there, Mom showed me what she had been doing. THEN Josey rolled over all by herself. We got home and I wanted her to do it for Nathan and she DID twice! She seems so surprised when she does it and it is so cute. We are only rolling tummy to back now- not back to tummy yet. Last night Josey ate carrots for the first time. She seemed to like them, but then she spit them up a lot after, so they may not have agreed with her tummy too well. So far here is what foods she has had: applesauce, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, prunes, peas, green beans, and carrots. Sweet potatoes are still her favorite. Here's a pic of her from the other day. The pants are too cute.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

rent this movie

Forgot to mention that we watched this movie this past weekend and it is GREAT! It is a must-rent.

Monday, March 9, 2009

working cows and having pictures made

We had a good weekend. Friday Josey and I went straight to Jodi and Clay's new house after school. Nathan had gone to get their water pipe for them so they unloaded it. Lots of the family came there to help them paint. Dot went and got pizza for everyone so we all ate that night at Granny's. Saturday we worked some of Granny's and Mom's cows. Or I guess I shouldn't say we since all I did was stand around and play with Josey while Nathan, Chris, and Charlie worked. Hailey came with Charlie so we got to visit. Josey got hungry mid-way through and Mom that it was amusing that I nursed her sitting on the catwalk with her covered up. That afternoon, they were having pictures made at the Pentacostal church for a fundraiser. They were taking them looking with the kids wearing old-timey looking clothes. I took Josey and we had some made of her. In them she is wearing an old timey looking pale pink dress, pearls, and a little straw hat with flowers on it. Very cute. Later, after Nathan washed Radar off, I took a few pics of Nathan, Radar, and Josey. Here's one. She did not wear her dress to work cows, she had on jeans and boots. Her boots kept falling off the whole time. I dressed her in this cute little school dress to go take the pictures. Yesterday we had an easy day. We cooked steaks and Nick (brother in law) came over. The time change has me and Josey both screwed up. She went to bed extra early last night and did not want to get up this morning. I feel like her- I hate coming to work when it is still so dark outside.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

general update

English TAKS is over! YAH! My kids that I had in my room tried EXTREMELY hard. From what I heard from the other teachers, ALL of the kids, with the exception of a couple, tried their very best. I'm so excited. I don't know if I have ever mentioned that I am the sole English teacher at North Zulch High, so the 9th, 10th, and 11th graders TAKS scores all reflect only on me. We don't get results back until May, which seems like forever away right now.
We had a field trip yesterday to tour the George Bush library and see a comedy poet. We took my 9th, 10th, and 11th grade Pre-Ap (honors) kids. There was no room in the session we were scheduled to so they moved us to another time. The one they put us in was for 4th GRADERS! My students wanted to just die. The poems were about dinosaurs and cooties. It was awful. At least we got to get out of school for a while, though.

Day before yesterday, Mom, Josey and I went to cube the Windmill cows. The pic is of Mom and Josey looking out the window counting cows. One of the cows was just about to calve so we went back yesterday to check them and she had calved. We couldn't get close enough to see if it was a heifer or a bull, but it is a good looking black calf. We are working the calves there on Saturday. I am not going to get to do much this time because of Josey. We worked them last when I was HUGE pregnant, so I didn't get to help. The time before, I was 6 months along and still riding so I helped and Nathan and Mom were both a nervous wreck. This time, I'll let Nathan, Charlie, and Chris get them to the lot (you have to go under the bridge on FM 2289) and then assist from there. That afternoon, we are going to have Josey's pictures made at the Pentacostal church.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! I'm ready for the weekend. It's been a wild week.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

new books

We are having a book fair at school. I could really spend a lot of money on books. Here are the ones I bought Josey. The one about frogs makes croaking noises. They are all too cute. As you can see, Josey likes her books. I sat her by them and she leaned over to touch them. She cannot sit up by herself yet from lying down, but if you sit her up, she will stay that way. She likes to do that, I guess because she thinks she is a big girl.
Notice that she really only has hair in the middle of the top of her head now. The rest has rubbed out. At times, she looks like she has a mohawk. This morning while I was getting ready she was sitting in her Bumbo watching Back to the Barnyard. Great cartoon but am I the only person to notice that the bull has an udder in it? It is obvious that the writers are not from the country.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Addison picture

Here is a pic of Addison. I didn't realize that Dawn had emailed them to me when I posted the blog.

Addison arrived

This weekend, much to everyone's surprise, Addison Grace Allen was born. Quincy (Cahill) and Dustin were not expecting her until the 27th , but she decided that she was ready to be born. Josey and I went and saw her yesterday at the hospital and she is very cute. She weighs 6 pounds and is 19 inches long. She is so tiny and makes Josey look like a sumo baby. Addie has a head full of black hair. If you look at it really close, the ends are lighter that the roots. Quincy said that she thinks that she had her hair highlighted so much that it went through to Addie's hair. Shelby, Jamie, Nancy, and many others were there and it was nice getting to visit with everyone.
Nathan was supposed to go back to the doctor today to get his cast off, BUT he didn't have to since he cut it off last week with a pair of tin snips. It is bothering him some, so I think he realizes he may have done a stupid thing. He could have gone to the doctor anyway today to get it x-rayed, but didn't want to get a boot to wear so I figured it would be a waste of time.
Tomorrow is the dreaded TAKS test. Hopefully my students will try very hard and actually do what they know they are supposed to do.