Thursday, March 5, 2009

general update

English TAKS is over! YAH! My kids that I had in my room tried EXTREMELY hard. From what I heard from the other teachers, ALL of the kids, with the exception of a couple, tried their very best. I'm so excited. I don't know if I have ever mentioned that I am the sole English teacher at North Zulch High, so the 9th, 10th, and 11th graders TAKS scores all reflect only on me. We don't get results back until May, which seems like forever away right now.
We had a field trip yesterday to tour the George Bush library and see a comedy poet. We took my 9th, 10th, and 11th grade Pre-Ap (honors) kids. There was no room in the session we were scheduled to so they moved us to another time. The one they put us in was for 4th GRADERS! My students wanted to just die. The poems were about dinosaurs and cooties. It was awful. At least we got to get out of school for a while, though.

Day before yesterday, Mom, Josey and I went to cube the Windmill cows. The pic is of Mom and Josey looking out the window counting cows. One of the cows was just about to calve so we went back yesterday to check them and she had calved. We couldn't get close enough to see if it was a heifer or a bull, but it is a good looking black calf. We are working the calves there on Saturday. I am not going to get to do much this time because of Josey. We worked them last when I was HUGE pregnant, so I didn't get to help. The time before, I was 6 months along and still riding so I helped and Nathan and Mom were both a nervous wreck. This time, I'll let Nathan, Charlie, and Chris get them to the lot (you have to go under the bridge on FM 2289) and then assist from there. That afternoon, we are going to have Josey's pictures made at the Pentacostal church.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! I'm ready for the weekend. It's been a wild week.

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  1. That picture of your mom and Josey is too sweet! Josey and Zoey are two peas in a pod. Zoey loves to check on the cows with her Daddy.