Tuesday, March 3, 2009

new books

We are having a book fair at school. I could really spend a lot of money on books. Here are the ones I bought Josey. The one about frogs makes croaking noises. They are all too cute. As you can see, Josey likes her books. I sat her by them and she leaned over to touch them. She cannot sit up by herself yet from lying down, but if you sit her up, she will stay that way. She likes to do that, I guess because she thinks she is a big girl.
Notice that she really only has hair in the middle of the top of her head now. The rest has rubbed out. At times, she looks like she has a mohawk. This morning while I was getting ready she was sitting in her Bumbo watching Back to the Barnyard. Great cartoon but am I the only person to notice that the bull has an udder in it? It is obvious that the writers are not from the country.

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  1. That bull with the udder irritates the heck out of me....Seriously, if they were going to center it around a BULL, you would think that they would at least do a little homework on cattle to see what a bull has...and doesn't have. (My kids are old enough that THEY came and got me to point that out to me the first time they watched the movie!!!! ;) )