Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yesterday Nathan and Chris were working cows for Dr. Easterling. They left one place to go to another and they loaded their horses and dogs onto Chris's trailer. Nathan hopped in the truck with Mac, while Chris had Lane with him. Nathan and Mac were ahead of Chris and Lane when Chris called to tell them to come back and help them because the trailer was on top of the truck. When they went back, they saw an awful sight. To avoid hitting an 18 wheeler head on, Chris had taken the truck and trailer into the ditch. The trailer came unhitched. The truck flipped over and was upside down, with the trailer on top of the truck, rightside up. Chris and Lane are fine, luckily. It through one dog completely out of the trailer, but all of the dogs ended up being fine. The horses are somewhat scratched and cut and very sore, but they are okay as well. God must have been watching them, because yesterday afternoon when I saw the truck, it looked as if no one could have come out of the wreck alive. Thank God all involved are alright.

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