Monday, March 9, 2009

working cows and having pictures made

We had a good weekend. Friday Josey and I went straight to Jodi and Clay's new house after school. Nathan had gone to get their water pipe for them so they unloaded it. Lots of the family came there to help them paint. Dot went and got pizza for everyone so we all ate that night at Granny's. Saturday we worked some of Granny's and Mom's cows. Or I guess I shouldn't say we since all I did was stand around and play with Josey while Nathan, Chris, and Charlie worked. Hailey came with Charlie so we got to visit. Josey got hungry mid-way through and Mom that it was amusing that I nursed her sitting on the catwalk with her covered up. That afternoon, they were having pictures made at the Pentacostal church for a fundraiser. They were taking them looking with the kids wearing old-timey looking clothes. I took Josey and we had some made of her. In them she is wearing an old timey looking pale pink dress, pearls, and a little straw hat with flowers on it. Very cute. Later, after Nathan washed Radar off, I took a few pics of Nathan, Radar, and Josey. Here's one. She did not wear her dress to work cows, she had on jeans and boots. Her boots kept falling off the whole time. I dressed her in this cute little school dress to go take the pictures. Yesterday we had an easy day. We cooked steaks and Nick (brother in law) came over. The time change has me and Josey both screwed up. She went to bed extra early last night and did not want to get up this morning. I feel like her- I hate coming to work when it is still so dark outside.

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  1. Your Josey is just a doll! As working mommies, we've got to support each other because it's tough work! But totally worth it when you see those little smiles, huh? :) I hope you get to share those old-timey pics of your sweet baby girl!