Monday, March 16, 2009

The pig

I posted a while back about my cousin and her pet wild hog. Here is a new picture of Riley, Monica (the pig), and Lindy.
Friday afternoon Nathan, Josey, and I went to College Station to get Jackson (Mindy's little boy) a birthday present and get groceries. I could spend all sorts of money on baby stuff in Target.
Saturday Nathan went to help Clay put in the water line at his new house and Josey and I laid around the house until the afternoon. That afternoon we went to a shower. Josey was very good and only cried once for just a minute when she pulled her pacifier out of her mouth and thought that her great-aunt Nana did it. That evening Mom had a prolapsed cow, so Jimmy came and sewed her up. Now she has to sell, which really sucks. I bought her when I was in high school at the fair and she has been a good cow. That night, Josey, Nathan, Nick, and I went to eat Mexican food in Madisonville. We have really been liking Los Panchitos, but this time our food was not hot at all, so I don't think we'll go back there soon.

Sunday we went to a birthday party for Jackson. He is one year old! This was the first birthday party that Josey had been invited to. It was fun seeing everyone. Josey didn't cry once!

Now it's back to work for the week and THEN next week is spring break! Yah!

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