Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Leigh Ann's baby shower

On the 21st, we had a baby shower at the Howard House for Leigh Ann. Rustyn Lee is due to arrive in May. We all really enjoyed getting to see each other.

Above is Josey touching baby Rustyn. This probably won't be the first time she is trying to bother him.

Above- Here is a close up of what Josey wore. I love this new little outfit.

Here are my childhood friends. From left to right- Me and Josey, Mindy with Jackson, Abra, Leigh Ann, Sarah, and Karen and a sleeping baby Zoe. We love to hang out, but it seems like the only time we ever get together is when one of us has a baby.

Above- Here is the very pregnant Leigh Ann Fuchs. She looks great!

Above- Here is Josey with Mom. I love this closeup picture.

Here are Josey, me, Karen, and Zoe. Zoe was sheduled to arrive 3 weeks after Josey, but she made her appearance exactly one week before Josey was born. We hope they'll be great friends like we are.

Here are Josey and Zoe getting a closeup look at each other. Zoe was wanting to pull Josey's headband off, I think.

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