Saturday, May 30, 2009

School's out for summer!

Yesterday afternoon, Josey got to "swim". Here is her little tub that Mom got her for her to play in the water. She LOVES it. You can surely tell that from the splashing in the pic. I plan on letting her swim a lot this summer.

Josey and her favorite toy aka the remote to our tv. She loves to chew on the remote. We usually let her, so if that makes us bad parents, sue us.

Josey loves to smile these days. Here is her little gummy smile. She has 1 tooth that has broken through the skin but you can't really see it yet.

Yesterday was the last day of school. I am so excited to get to stay home with Josey every day. I know it will go incredibly fast. Today we had a workday, so Mom kept Josey. I won't be posting as often this summer, but I'll try to keep y'all updated.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

separation anxiety

With today and tomorrow left of school and Saturday a half a workday, Josey is showing some separation anxiety. She is usually very particular about wanting me, but now even more so. This morning I was getting ready and Nathan was playing with her like he usually does if he is home in the morning. She normally enjoys her time with him, but this morning she was not happy and kept fussing and reaching for me. When I would pick her up, she would be completely fine. Then we went to Rachael's for me to drop her off. She fussed when I handed her to Rachael and reached her arms out to me. She has never in her life done this and it made Rachael and I both sad. When I walked out the door, she started to cry. It broke my heart. Luckily, about 4 minutes after I left, Rachael texted me and said that she had immediately started playing with a toy and was totally fine. Thank goodness! If she hadn't gotten ok quickly, I would have wanted to go right back and get her.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

our newest addition

I told y'all that we had a new horse out our house and here she is. Her name is HB. I'll not tell y'all what that stands for. Contrary to her name, HB is turning out to be really nice. She seems like more of a people horse than Radar. Josey likes her, too. Actually, Josey likes all animals right now. My mom commented on the fact that she doesn't seem a bit scared and that may be a problem later on.
Josey was trying to chew on HB's ear, but I didn't let her.

Monday, May 18, 2009

another ranch rodeo

Lots of pictures in this post. I love the one below of Josey in her little cap. She wore it the ranch rodeo so she wouldn't get sunburned like last time. Notice her little boots! They are square toed and double stitched like regular boots are. I love them.

Here is a picture of Nathan and Josey. Her and Daddy are very cute together.

Here is a picture of me and Josey. Check out the jeans. They are baby Wranglers. They are mine from when I was little. Mom saved them for me and gave them to me right before I had Josey.

Below is a picture of Brandon (my brother-in-law) roping a steer in the mugging at the ranch rodeo. Pretty cool, huh?

Below is a pic of Nathan getting up after the branding.

Here is a picture of Nathan on Radar. I know the fence cable is in the picture, but I couldn't get up because Josey was asleep in my lap.

We had a fun time. Nathan's team didn't win any money, but it was still a good day. Lots of our friends were there with their kids so it was a blast getting to watch them all play. Josey is dying to get on the ground and play with them! We have a new addition at our house- no, not a baby or a litter of puppies- a new horse! Nathan has been riding a grey mare for a man and he liked her so much that he bought her. She's five and I think she is really pretty. He says that she'll really watch a cow. He's got high hopes for her. I'm thrilled that he got something new. Maybe he'll quit riding Radar so much and save him for Josey.

Josey's new toy

Donna got Josey this toy for Christmas, but she hasn't been big enough for it until now. I got it out for her on Friday and she loves it. The bear on the top dances and sings. On Friday, they put my grandmother in the nursing home. Josey and I went and saw her on Friday and Saturday and she seems like she likes it ok. I wish that she would make some friends in there and go to some of the activities that they have for the residents.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Ever notice how the grown-up's simplest kitchen tool is the baby's favorite toy?
Notice a similarity in the above and below photos? Josey would not look at me! I was trying to take some cute pictures of her outside and she was way more interested in the dogs and the cows than me.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

breaking and entering

Yesterday Nathan arrived home before me to find our front door kicked in. Apparently, someone felt it necessary to break into our house and go through our things. If you have ever had your house broken into, you know the feelings that I'm having. Nervousness. Fear. Annoyance. Not the first time I've had these feelings either. About 18 months ago our house was broken into. That time I got home first. Back then, I was more nervous. This time, I'm more mad. It really grates on my nerves for my husband and I both to work all day and get home to find out that some low life (probably with no job) thought it prudent to break into our house to STEAL rather than get a job to make some honest money. I know that is a run on sentence and I am an English teacher, but I'm mad, so give me a break. I am afraid that as times get harder and the economy gets worse that this sort of thing will happen more and more. I hope and pray that I am wrong.

random pictures

Josey loves her books. I saw this one the other day at Wal-Mart and couldn't resist.
Like the fish face? She is doing this a lot lately. I think it has something to do with her teeth bothering her. Below is her with her new car keys. They make realistic sounds and she LOVES them.

2nd time swimming

Josey went swimming for the 2nd time on Monday. Here are a few pics of her . Notice how well the swimsuit fits. It is a size 6-12 months and it is almost too small. She's growing so fast.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Yesterday was my very first Mother's Day. It was a great one. Mom bought Josey a little plastic swimming pool, so she played in it yesterday afternoon. She loves it! She splashed and splashed and then kept trying to put her face in the water. I'm so glad she's not scared of the water. I plan on letting her play in her pool as often as possible. Here's a picture of her.

7 months old!

As of Friday, my sweet precious Josey is 7 months old. They have completely flown by. Here are a few pictures of her that I took last week. One of my seniors bought her the outfit with the white pants and I just love it. She looks like a mini-Southern belle. Her expression in each was so cute that I couldn't pick just one. The close up of her is her lying on her playmat. She has really enjoyed it but I think that the days of it are almost over. She thinks she is too big to lay on the floor and look up at toys and shake them. She wants to be sitting up now or standing while I hold on to her hands. I was talking to Leigh Ann last week and we both agree that it's funny how deep your love is for your child. It makes everything completely pale in comparison. Thanks God, for giving me Josey to love.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New babies and some other things

Those of y'all who check blogs regularly know that I RARELY go this long without updating. Lots of things are going on. Baby Rustyn was born! Rustyn Lee was born to Leigh Ann (Standley) and Cody Fuchs on April 30th. He weighed 8 pounds and 1 oz and was 19 inches long. He was able to go home from the hospital on Saturday, but was readmitted on Sunday, due to jaundice. Leigh Ann texted earlier and said that they were getting to go home today. Here is a pic of the precious bundle.

This past weekend, we realized that my grandmother (Ann- for those of y'all who know my family) is failing fast. She was put in the hospital yesterday. Hopefully, she'll start doing much better soon. Getting old sucks. Enough said.

My stepmom has also been ill lately and is awaiting test results. We are all hoping that they bear good news and she doesn't have the dreaded C word that I will not deighn to mention.

On a good note, Baby Boatcallie was born yesterday. Kaylah Ann weighed 6 pounds 12 oz and is 19 and 3/4 inches long. Check the Boatcallie family blog soon for pictures.

You all know that I constantly post pictures of Josey, but today my camera is not cooperating. I'll charge the batteries and try to post a few new ones tomorrow. She is such a joy in our lives and we are continuously blessed.