Monday, May 11, 2009

7 months old!

As of Friday, my sweet precious Josey is 7 months old. They have completely flown by. Here are a few pictures of her that I took last week. One of my seniors bought her the outfit with the white pants and I just love it. She looks like a mini-Southern belle. Her expression in each was so cute that I couldn't pick just one. The close up of her is her lying on her playmat. She has really enjoyed it but I think that the days of it are almost over. She thinks she is too big to lay on the floor and look up at toys and shake them. She wants to be sitting up now or standing while I hold on to her hands. I was talking to Leigh Ann last week and we both agree that it's funny how deep your love is for your child. It makes everything completely pale in comparison. Thanks God, for giving me Josey to love.

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