Monday, May 18, 2009

another ranch rodeo

Lots of pictures in this post. I love the one below of Josey in her little cap. She wore it the ranch rodeo so she wouldn't get sunburned like last time. Notice her little boots! They are square toed and double stitched like regular boots are. I love them.

Here is a picture of Nathan and Josey. Her and Daddy are very cute together.

Here is a picture of me and Josey. Check out the jeans. They are baby Wranglers. They are mine from when I was little. Mom saved them for me and gave them to me right before I had Josey.

Below is a picture of Brandon (my brother-in-law) roping a steer in the mugging at the ranch rodeo. Pretty cool, huh?

Below is a pic of Nathan getting up after the branding.

Here is a picture of Nathan on Radar. I know the fence cable is in the picture, but I couldn't get up because Josey was asleep in my lap.

We had a fun time. Nathan's team didn't win any money, but it was still a good day. Lots of our friends were there with their kids so it was a blast getting to watch them all play. Josey is dying to get on the ground and play with them! We have a new addition at our house- no, not a baby or a litter of puppies- a new horse! Nathan has been riding a grey mare for a man and he liked her so much that he bought her. She's five and I think she is really pretty. He says that she'll really watch a cow. He's got high hopes for her. I'm thrilled that he got something new. Maybe he'll quit riding Radar so much and save him for Josey.

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