Thursday, May 28, 2009

separation anxiety

With today and tomorrow left of school and Saturday a half a workday, Josey is showing some separation anxiety. She is usually very particular about wanting me, but now even more so. This morning I was getting ready and Nathan was playing with her like he usually does if he is home in the morning. She normally enjoys her time with him, but this morning she was not happy and kept fussing and reaching for me. When I would pick her up, she would be completely fine. Then we went to Rachael's for me to drop her off. She fussed when I handed her to Rachael and reached her arms out to me. She has never in her life done this and it made Rachael and I both sad. When I walked out the door, she started to cry. It broke my heart. Luckily, about 4 minutes after I left, Rachael texted me and said that she had immediately started playing with a toy and was totally fine. Thank goodness! If she hadn't gotten ok quickly, I would have wanted to go right back and get her.

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  1. Don't worry...Josie is just becoming so aware of all that's around her. Most of the time it's harder on us that the kid! It will be interesting to see how Charlie does at pre-school next year. I'll probably cry all the way to school!