Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Josey is 15 weeks old today!

Josey is much better. I took about a million pictures of her last night. I was just in the mood and she was being so happy. I'll be posting a few for the next few days for y'all to see. Hopefully we won't have to do the breathing treatments very much longer. I got stuck waiting on the train to go by today so I was almost late for work. I think that trains should not be able to move between the hours of 6:30 am and 8:30 am. This probably never occurs to people who do not live near train tracks but I cross them several times each day going to and from the baby sitters and work. Speaking of baby sitters, Nathan and I have been so lucky to find a great one. Rachael has been better than I could ever have dreamed. She washes all the bottles for me, so I don't have to drag them back and forth all them time. She is wonderful. I hate leaving Josey but at least I have someone I can trust to leave her with. We are so lucky that she didn't have to go to day care or a place where someone keeps several kids. On most days, Josey is the only kid there. Mom's birthday is Monday and she said she might stay home for her birthday and keep her. She so enjoys getting to keep her and it's nice for Josey to get to spend time with her Mama Cannon. A friend of mine was telling me just a minute ago that the song "Your gonna miss this" had made her cry recently. Her little boy is 11 months old and we were both agreeing that time goes so fast. I feel like just yesterday we were anxiously awaiting Josey's arrival and now she is almost 4 months old. It goes so fast.

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  1. Laney you think the bow is big enough? She is precious...I know Laura is not spoiling her....