Monday, January 26, 2009

family health update

Well, good news- Josey is well- I think. We haven't done any breathing treatments since Saturday and she seems fine. Thank goodness. We are so lucky that it wasn't worse. Now on to the bad news- Nathan has broken his leg. He went to see Dr. Veazi (an orthopedist) on Friday and he put a hard cast on it. He got blue- I told him pink would be so cute and he was not convinced. He has to go back on Feb 2nd and they will tell us if it is going to require surgery or not. Pray that it will not, please. He is being really easy to deal with so far about this but I know he is going to get so sick of being in the house with his leg propped up. He is such an outside person and this will really take its toll on him. Last night he did crutch his way outside and talked to me while I fed the animals. Of course, crutches are surely awful and he can't get anyway to quickly. I know he'll be so sore soon from using them. Josey does not understand why he cannot walk her around the house now and it aggravates her. Not to sound selfish, but it's hard on me, too. He can't do anything right now, so I have a lot more work to do. Josey and I went with Mom yesterday to cube the cows at the Windmill place. The first time she got to go she was about 2 weeks old. She loves it. It is so funny because she likes to look out the window like she is actually trying to count calves or something. She is getting so vocal now. She likes to talk very loud now when she is happy. By talk I mean say "AHHHH" or "BLAA" BLAA". She used to only make noise when she was mad, but now she does it all the time.

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