Friday, January 30, 2009

Josey and the sweet potatoes AND Lindy and the pig

I have done a bad mommy thing. I did not do what the pediatrician told me to. I gave Josey baby food. She LOVES it. Her ped. told me not to give it to her until she was 4 months. She will be 4 months on Feb. 8th. Then I was supposed to only give her baby cereal until six months and THEN at 6 months she could start fruits and veggies. Maybe I'm a bad mom-BUT she HATES the baby cereal. I don't blame her. I tasted it. It is disgusting and bland. She liked the applesauce ok. She LOVES sweetpotatoes. She seems much more content getting to have a little real food each evening. I'll keep y'all posted on what she is eating and how it goes. I'll try to get a pic this weekend.

On to the pic posted here. My cousin, Lindy, has a pet wild pig that she is raising on a bottle. Riley (27 months old) loves her. Her name is Monica but Riley can't say that so she calls her Bacula. Here's a pic of them with the pig. Maybe my family is redneck but I feel like this is all completely normal.


  1. try mixing a little baby food with the rice cereal

  2. Laney, I'm so glad that you found me! :) Josey is too cute! I miss loving on a newborn SO bad!!! My "baby" is 8 now...and my oldest is 13! So sorry to hear about your hubby's leg. Been there, done that about 5 years ago. If you need ANYTHING, drop me a line. I'll do anything I can to help!