Monday, February 2, 2009


Today we go to the orthopedist to see if Nathan's leg will require surgery. We've been praying it won't. He says it's feeling a lot better, so maybe it's healing quick. Josey ate bananas this weekend and she loves them, too. I really think that she likes all food right now. Today we are going to try peas. Hopefully she'll like veggies as much as fruit. If she's like her dad, she won't eat anything green and I really don't want that. We had a very busy weekend. Nathan's grandfather is in the hospital very ill. I'm sure we'll go see him today while we are over there at the doctor. We went to church with Nathan's grandma yesterday. Josey had never been to that church before and she must like the cowboy church we normally attend better. She cried so much that I had to take her out twice. Nathan gets so embarrassed when she cries, but I keep telling him that all babies do that all the time. Here's a pic of us going to church and one of Josey and I in our winter hats.

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  1. Love the pics! Hope that the doctor's appointment goes well!!! And tell Nathan not to get embarrassed when she fusses in church...I actually MISS those days! ;)