Thursday, October 8, 2009

A party

Nathan's family had their party for Josey's birthday this past weekend. I stayed the whole time (hey, I'm not missing my kid's party, just because her dad and I are splitting up) and everyone had a really good time. The party was princess themed, just like her real party is going to be this coming weekend. Josey did NOT want to wear her princess crown! She kept pulling it off.
Here is Josey in front of all of her presents that she got. She crawled right over to them.

She seemed more interested the boxes than the actual presents that were in them.

Nathan's mom got her this very big, very ugly baby. She loves it.

She got this Little Mermaid car and she thinks it is great. Of course, the new baby had to ride on it with her.

Mrs. Bullard made the cakes and they were ADORABLE. The cake above is the one that everyone ate. The one below is the one that was just for Josey to eat. She didn't do hardly any damage to it, as you can see in the pics. She really liked eating the cookies better than the cake.

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