Friday, October 30, 2009


I haven't been able to post in a while because I couldn't get to my blog. But now I'm back! Josey and I are doing well. She is very steady standing on her feet now without holding onto anything. She has yet to take her first steps without holding onto something or me, but I am expecting it any day now. Things have been a little crazy at school this week with 6 weeks test and preparation for the Fall Festival. It was last night and Josey and I went. There were tons of people there and we had a good time. Some of my students were feeding Josey pieces of cupcake and a hershey bar so she loved it. They thought it was hilarious that she would chew and then open her mouth and dive at them like a baby bird to get food. Pretty funny. I'll post pics of her in her costume next week. Here is one that was taken last night at the Fall Festival. Mom scanned it in, so that's why there is so much white space and it's not really clear.

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