Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bible Study and Baby Boot Camp

Wednesday night was the first night of our bible study. Last year Mindy went and told me that it was good so this year I am going with her. There were a lot of people there that I knew and several that I didn't. Josey went and stayed in the nursery and I don't think that she cried too much. I am excited about getting to do this. We are studying the book of Esther.

Last night was my first time at Baby Boot Camp. I loved it! I am going to go to Bryan to do this a couple of times each week. BBC is a workout class designed for moms. You push your stroller while working out. They also throw in lots of arm, leg, and ab excercies. It is hard- harder than you would think. I am sore from it today.

I'm excited about having new things that are for ME. I know that sounds selfish, but these days I don't have time for a lot of me-time. I know that both BBC and bible study will make me a better person.

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  1. GLAD YOU ENJOYED THEM BOTH... I thought Nathan was keeping Josey for Bible study??