Friday, February 27, 2009

TGIF and a weird occurence

It's Friday! YAH! There are no people anywhere in the world as happy about Fridays as a school teacher. Many of my students aren't here today anyway because they are gone to a baseball tournament.

The strangest thing happened to me night before last. Nathan was at Marcus's so Josey and I were home by ourselves. At about 6, I checked the doors to make sure they were locked and went to the other end of the house to bathe Josey. After her bath, I put a diaper on her, lotion, and a onesie for her to sleep in. I carried her back into the living room only to find that the back door to our house was halfway open. I knew Nathan had not pulled up or I would have heard his truck. I thought someone was in the house with me and Josey. I was afraid to get my truck keys so we could leave in my truck because they were hanging on a hook right by the back door. I knew if someone was in the house they were in our room since I had been in the other end of the house. I just went out the front door carrying Josey out in only a onesie with no blanket. I was only wearing capri pajama pants and a tank top, no shoes or anything. I called Mom because I knew she could arrive before anyone else. I also called Nathan and he headed home with Marcus and several others following in another truck. By the time she pulled up, Josey and I were almost at the road, bare feet and all. We got in with her and drove back up to the house. I decided I was being silly so I handed Josey to Mom and went around the back of the house to get my dog, Moe, to accompany me in the house to check it all out. Then I realized that the back door was shut again. I decided to wait for assistance. Moments later, help arrived and they checked to house. No one was in there. I have no idea what happened with the door. I am still not certain that no one was in there. Mom thinks that the washing machine agitating made the door come open some how. We'll never know. All in all, it made for a freaked out Laney!
Pic is of me, Josey, and the infamous Moe when we were outside feeding the other day. Not a great pic, but Nathan's not much of a photographer and Moe was trying to crawl in my lap.


  1. OMG! I can't even imagine! My husband picks at me all of the time because I am constantly locking him out....If I come in the house, I lock the door. It's just a habit of being a single mom for so long, I guess! Hope you NEVER have to experience that again...whatever it was.

  2. What a creepy occurrence! Thank goodness everything is ok. Your Josey is a cutey pie :) Thanks for joining my blog and happy Friday! I know how those feel as a former teacher myself.

  3. How scary...hope you don't have any more problems. Have a great weekend.