Thursday, January 8, 2009

Long post

It's Thursday so the work week is almost over. Thank goodness. It hasn't been a bad first week back, really. The kids have been a little wound up, but that is to be expected. They've been showing off all their Christmas loot all week and it's pretty funny to watch them.

Nathan has been guiding coon hunts the past two nights for this coon hunting competition. The first night, he won a prize for guiding the hunters that treed the most coons. He was pretty excited. Obviously, the thing is a big deal, because there are people there competing from all over the U.S.

Josey is doing great. It hasn't bothered her near as much for me to be back at work as it has bothered me. She is doing the cutest things now. She likes to rub her blankets on her face and chew on them (well, suck on them because she doesn't have any teeth yet). She can almost roll over. She probably would already be able to, but I hardly ever put her on her stomach. She doesn't like and it makes her cry because I don't do it very often so she's not used to it. She only likes to lie on her stomach if it is on MY stomach and she loves that. Of course, I do, too, so we spend lots of time snuggling like this when I probably ought to be doing laundry or sweeping the floor. The dust and dirty clothes will still be there when she is bigger. She's only this little once.

A friend of mine is into eating organic foods and it's something I am interested in. I'm going to do some reading on it and see what I think. Nathan's theory is that he has been eating regular food for his whole life and it hasn't hurt him yet. I'm not sure what I think.

I need to be dieting again, of course. I know it will make me feel better, but it's so hard. I am going to try to start excercising more, but it's hard with a baby. I would love to start going to the Mommy and Me excercise classes, but they're in College Station, so I'm not sure how often I could go. I'd like to go and see what it's like anyway. I wish we had aerobic classes in Madisonville. I went to them a lot when I was in college at SHSU and I loved being able to go to different ones all the time. My favorite then was the kick boxing class. It really kicked my butt.

That's all for now. More later. :)

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