Thursday, September 3, 2009

more on sick Josey

We went back to the doctor Monday afternoon. She was even sicker, so her doctor prescribed more medicine. FOUR perscriptions! She is taking inhaler puffs through this little handy dandy cone type device every four hours. She is taking steroids through the same device twice a day. She is on antibiotics once a day for ten days. The inhaler puffs and steroids are for fourteen days. No, you did not read wrong, I only listed 3 medicines. The fancy smancy device was a perscription all on its on. He still said that it is an upper respiratory infection that she has. I, of course, am completely paranoid that she is going to catch the swine flu so I am limiting her contact with all people until she is well. I know I sound a little nuts. I almost had it out with everyone in Walgreens on Monday after her appointment while trying to get her medicine. Heres how it went:

3:58 Pull up at Walgreens drivethru

3:59 Notice that the lady working the window is wearing a trainee badge. Bad thoughts go through my head.

4:03 Pull away from window after the lady tells me it will be an hour and a half wait.

4:05 Pull into Whataburger to get Nathan food because he claims he is starving. Josey starts hollering wanting out of her carseat.

4:12 Pull away from Whataburger after having to tell them twice that the order was wrong.

4:13 Pull into parking spot at Whataburger and get Josey out of her carseat. Spend the next hour entertaining her with Gerber Graduate Puffs. They are now all over the floor in my truck.

5:15 Pull back up at Walgreens. The lady had not even STARTED on Josey's perscriptions. She promises to put a rush on it. I'm not sure if it was my ugly look that made her hurry or the sound of a screaming baby from my backseat.

5:18 Drive around for the next 25 minutes trying to get Josey to quit crying and fall asleep. She does not. She continues to cry.

5:30 Pull back up at Walgreens (3rd time). Wait on the lady to acknowledge us. Finally she does and we get the meds and pay.

5:35 Pull away from Walgreens and I check the bag to make sure we have all the medicine. We don't. We are missing both medicines that you use with the inhaler.

5:40 Go back into Walgreens (4th time) carrying my VERY upset child. I could have left her in the truck but I wanted the screw ups in Walgreens to suffer her wrath if we had to.

5:42 Wait in line behind 7 other customers while Josey tries to grab things off the shelves. She then puts her head on my shoulder and snuggles because she is so tired and feeling bad.

5:55 Get to the head of the line (remember I am holding a 25 pound child through all of this now). I tell them what the problem is and they proceed to tell me that they LOST the other 2 perscriptions.

6:00 After some very choice words that I will not repeat, they agree to find them quickly and fill them immediately.

6:28 I leave Walgreens for the last time with the medicine.

Sounds like great fun, huh? I have never been so ready to be home in my whole life. Anyway, Mom kept Josey Tuesday and I stayed home with her yesterday because she was still feeling badly. Today my mother-in-law has her and I think she hasn't had a very good day. When she's sick, she really just wants her mom. Actually, that is most of the time, not just when she's sick.

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  1. OMG.....that just stressed me out!!! I hope Josey starts feeling better!!!!