Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Too Many Dogs

Last night we received a phone call from my cousin. He exact words were "Your brindle dog is here and he's bred my gyp and you're getting all the puppies." Not exactly what we were wanting to hear. The problem is that within about 5 miles, there are WAY too many dogs. You see, Clint has 3 or 4, Bill and Sherry each have 2, Carl has 3 or 4, we have 6, my mom has 5, and Lana has 5. That is a very ridiculous amount of dogs. When I say dogs, I don't mean small foo-foo dogs either. I mean cowdogs and some big mutts. We live in the country, so we can't see each other's houses, but our dogs visit each other fairly regularly.


  1. I understand the dog dilema. I think I have a large pack of dogs living outside. Well, they are Joey's dogs but they seem to grow in number on a regular basis. I think we spend a small fortune in dog food...not to mention the smell. Did I mention I'm not a dog fan (LOL).

  2. Laney,

    Josey is sooo precious!!!! looks like things are going great for you!!! So fun to read your blog!!!!!