Thursday, February 12, 2009

horse for Josey

DYING to have this horse for Josey. He belongs to a friend of ours and this is her little girl on him in the pic. He is super broke and I always had told her to tell us if they were going to sell him. Her little girl is 5 or 6 and has moved onto another horse. She has him listed on dreamhorse now and forwarded it to Mom. Can't you just see Josey on him in a couple of years?
On another note, Josey is a little sick. She was running fever last night and very fussy. I think she is not really sick, but that she is just running fever from the shots. Or maybe from teething- not really sure. Mom is keeping her today for me. I really don't feel well either and I'm sure I have caught something from our kids here at work. Lots of them have had a stomach virus. Hope y'all have an excellent day.

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